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Star Jazz Rice Cooker SKU YB-059

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The rice cooker is beautiful, durable and it’s nice to the touch. The lid bounce up to open automatically at a touch of a button. It features:
• 16 function modes, of which are almighty and reliable
• Movable heat preservation honeycomb lid can keep ingredients fresh for a long time and it’s convenient to clean
• Cooking under sealed condition will preserve all the nutrients. The steam can split from an exhaust valve
• With cool rice heating and pre-set function it is so sweet and convenient to operate it
• Different flavour choices meet different taste demand
• Adopts stereoscopic waterproof heat sink to protect internal structures
You can cook a variety of food using this equipment, such as: rice, soup, oatmeal, pasta, milk porridge, broad beans, frying, stewing, banking dessert, steaming, yoghurt, crust, cake, pizza, banking and reheating food.


Power: 860W
Capacity of removable bowl: 5.0L
Power Supplier: AC220V 50Hz
Manual that guides you on the cooking times for each cooking mode


SKU: YB-059