Best guide on how to purchase a TV set

Purchasing a new television set (TV set) can be confusing, especially if you are not sure whether to buy a LED TV or a LCD TV. The most confusing thing is the difference between the LED and LCD TV. Added on is the pressure of deciding which set would be the best buy for your living room design.

With all the various added on features on the newer TVs that grab your attention, this article provides information that will guide you on buying a TV set.

Firstly, decide on the size of the screen you want.


Secondly, measure or keep in mind the size of the room you would want to place the TV set. If the room is too small and you buy a 55 inch Omega TV, it will feel like sitting right in front of a movie theatre (those front seats that nobody wants).


The table below shows how to buy the correct size that matches your room space.


Viewing Distance

Best Screen Size

4 feet

19 to 28 inches

6 feet

28 to 40 inches

8 feet

32 to 55 inches

10 feet

40 to 80 inches







Slimmest Overall Profile less than 1-inch


Widest Color Range for RGB


Lowest Price


Lowest Power Consumption


Overall Reliability

Widest Selection of Screen Sizes

Device Connectivity

Resists Burn-in


The room size and place where the TV will be placed is a huge factor when buying a TV, regardless of the type of TV set one desires to purchase (LCD or LED TV).

Before purchasing you might want to know The Difference between an LCD and LED Television before purchasing. Omega SA’s website has various TVs available and suitable for your living room design. You are welcome to call the sales team if you wish to come to the store directly.