Solar Powered Lights have a huge advantage as they are a deterrent for criminals who wish to break into your home or business while you are on holiday. They are also very cost effective and far cheaper than electric lights.

Eco friendly

Solar Powered Lights are eco-friendly whether integrated or placed separately as they collect sunlight.  The lights charge throughout the day, and then run using stored energy. This makes it easier to reduce carbon footprint. Governments everywhere encourage homeowners and businesses to go green. Green is now the black.

Powered Anywhere

Solar powered lights can be powered even when they are in the shade. Remember. Even the cloudiest of days have sun power available for solar lights to soak up, making it very efficient.

Cost Saving

Your electricity bill is immediately reduced when using Solar powered Lights. They are very easy to install and do not use electricity. If you have a big yard or land and use plenty of electric lights to brighten up your home or building space then consider using Solar Powered Lights as they only use rechargeable batteries.


Candles and lanterns pose a fire hazard which Solar Powered Lights do not. They are also a lot safer than electric garden lights. Children are also less at risk and are free to play without worrying about tripping over wires.

An added benefit of Solar Powered Lights is that they remain on at night even when you are on holiday. This making it difficult for criminals to enter as they would think they are people in your home because they lights are on every night.

Easy Installation

The majority of outdoor solar lighting has no confusing wires that must be connected to your main electrical system. Setting up your lights can be as simple as hanging them on a tree or staking them into the ground.

Little Maintenance

Solar Powered Lights require few moveable parts which mean that fewer parts exist to break. They last for a long time and need little attention once installed.