How To Choose the perfect Fridge Freezer for your home

Omega SA has created a fridge freezer buying guide to solve the dissatisfaction that you may have after buying a fridge instantaneously. 

When browsing for an appliance, particularly a fridge or a freezer, it is essential to keep your kitchen layout in your mind, including the amount of space you have available for the appliance.

 Use the following checklist to guarantee it is the correct fridge freezer for your home and will fit the space you have. 

  1. Think about the constraints on moving the appliance into your house.
  2. Measure the height, depth and width of the space allocated in your kitchen several times for accuracy.
  3. Account for door opening, general access, hinge size and location so you know your chosen appliance will be practical to use.
  4. Confirm there is 5-10cm ventilation space around the appliance (top and sides.
  5. Make sure that the installation area offers a consistent ambient temperature so your refrigerator can perform at its best and last longer.
  6. If you want to store your refrigerator in a garage or outbuilding, make sure you choose an appliance that's designed for this purpose.
  7. If you're considering an appliance with a water or ice dispenser that requires plumbing, make sure you can install it within 1.5 m of the nearest water source.
  8. Consider how you shop for food (once a week or once a month shopper). Ask yourself if you:
  • Cook and freeze, thus needing more freezer space.
  • Host plenty of parties; thus needing more shelf space for platters and large amounts of food.
  • Once a week shoppers tend to need maximum capacity compared to daily shoppers.

 Omega SA’s website provides the size, width and height of every appliance and you are most welcome to visit our store to view the product yourself and we are open to assist you in selecting the correct fridge and freezer for your home layout.