Curb the load shedding moment

Ever been hit by the dull, lonesome moments of load shedding? Only the sounds of nature and kids during the day or the still sounds of the night.

With no electricity our source of entertainment is nothing else but our imagination. During the day it’s easier for you can go outside chill with your friends or bury yourself in a book to pass time. In the lonesome moment of the evening, our cellphone battery might be dead, candle light not so friendly for reading and let’s face it, during winter its torturous to even try and lift a book through the blankets (whether there’s electricity or not).

Living in the modern days, we’ve be accustomed to believe that one of our main source of entertainment and family time is the television. Without it we are incomplete. Try to imagine a day or night without your favourite drama series, soapie or even better that movie you’ve set on reminder, waiting for the perfect moment to sit in front of your television screen to watch it. With our Supersonic 55 inch LEDTV you can get the best entertainment, with clear picture and sound. The Supersonic DVD will keep your movies going up until you run out of what to play.

These products, the LEDTV and DVD won’t be collecting dust during the load shedding period and be the house for dust mites. You can get yourself an alternative power system, the Omega 450Watts inverter can power up your TV, DVD player and lights. For it to run you will need a battery for it. Our 102AH Exide battery can do the job for you. Omega 450W inverter turns AC currency into DC currency in order for you to power up your appliances or electronics.

Our Omega 450W inverter and the 102AH Exide battery have been tested and proven to power up at least your LEDTV and DVD player simultaneously (as seen in the picture).

Curb the lonesome moments of load shedding and get yourself the Omega 450W inverter and 102AH Exide battery. Visit our website ( for more information on the products and how to make a purchase. 

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