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An inverter is a Direct Current to Alternating Current inverter device that is capable of turning DC power, like the power found in batteries or the kind collected from solar panels, into AC power that is used to run everyday things in the home such as appliances, electronics, and even household lighting. An inverter is used in places and situations where AC power is not available.

What is an inverter used for?

Pretty much like how it is explained previously ... It transfers DC power that is available, like from a battery and turns it into usable AC power anywhere that you may be or at home on devices you would normally plug into a home electrical outlet.

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How to take care of your inverter battery?

1.    Always use an area that is well-ventilated for the installation of the inverter because the battery gets heated up during the actual charging and operation.
2.    After the installation make sure that the battery gets used on a regular basis. If a power cut does not occur, discharge the battery once every month and then recharge it.
3.    Ensure that the surface and sides of the battery are clean and dust free.
4.    If the terminals of the battery get corroded pour hot water and baking soda (as a solution) on the corrosive area or use a tooth brush for cleaning. This will remove the corrosion.


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