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Do not use the inverter beyond its maximum output power.  When connected to any appliance, make sure the total starting power capacity does not exceed the maximum output power of the inverter.


Be sure the total watts of electrical appliances do not exceeds the output capacity of inverter, otherwise this may cause burden to the inverter which will result in the circuit breaker switch POP UP.


When connected to any appliance, be sure to choose watt ranges by pressing the VA control switch.  For example, if the appliance is within 60-150W, press inverter first and then turn on the power switch of the appliance.  During operation, if the red light lights up, it indicates that the battery voltage is weak.  The green light indicates DC normal.


Circuit breaker switch during operation if power switch is on but both the light indicator are not lighted.  Check the circuit breaker switch at the back of the inverter.  Total watts of electrical appliances exceeds the output capacity of inverter may cause the circuit breaker switch button to POP UP in to reoperate the inverter, just press the circuit breaker switch.



Battery voltage: DC 12v (10-14)

AC Output Voltage: AC 220V

Output Power: 250-600 Watt

Output Frequency: 50 Hz

Output waveform: Modified sine wave

Output Short Protect

Overload protect

Efficiency more than 85%



When AC output has any trouble such as short-circuit, overload, etc.  the output will be cut off automatically by the protection circuit.

In the above cases:

  1. Switch off the power switch at once
  2. Disconnect the units and all the connected devices
  3. Check the connected devices
  4. Use the units again after the troubles happened on the connected devices have been solved


After operating for a period of time, if the battery voltage is still very hot, but the AC output cut off sulkily, this situation might be caused by high temperature.  If this happens, please proceed as follows:

  1. Switch off the power switch of this inverter at once
  2. Decrease load of this machine i.e. disconnect some of the appliances or wait until this inverter becomes cool.
  3. Switch on the power switch of this inverter


Always place the inverter in an environment which is:

  1. Well ventilated
  2. Not exposed to direct sunlight or heat source.
  3. Out of reach from children
  4. Away from water/moisture, oil or grease
  5. Away from any flammable substance.

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